Steven Land | 3 In 1 Dress Shirt | Interchangeable Collars | Color Black

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Neck Size: 16
Sleeve Size: 34/35
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Steven Land | Triple Collar Shirt 

Triple Collar gives you THREE WAYS to up your STYLE game. Start with the band collar  for a casual vibe, add the same fabric collar for a more professional look, or SWITCH to the white collar for the super dapper option. TRIPLE COLLAR includes 2 compatible collars that can button into the band collar shirt, giving you three ways to be your authentic style self.


  • Comes with two Different Collars 
  • 100 % Cotton woven fabric
  • 2 button-in spread collars included
  • Fly Front/Hidden buttons
  • French Square Cuff
  • Available in Black, Burgundy, or Blue colorways
  • Black matches with BW1906-1 tie
  • Blue matches with BW1901-11 tie
  • Burgundy matches with W1932-3 tie
  • TW929