Steven Land | Tartan Ⅱ | DS262 | Khaki

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Neck Size: 15.5
Sleeve: 32/33
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Steven Land | Tartan Ⅱ| DS262

The Tartan is a finely woven 100% cotton Dress shirt, with contrasting Tartan style plaid, and contrasting buttonholes. fine detailing, and convertible cuff features allows us to define the Tartan dress shirt as Timeless yet sophisticated style that will elevate your look for any occasion.


  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional collar
  • Trim Fit
  • Convertible Cuff ( Dual Button or Cufflink Option)
  • Available in Khaki and Dark Navy Charcoal
  • Trim Detailing
  • Inner: collar, Cuff ,Front Placket
  • Outer : Cuff ,Front Placket ,Sleeve Placket
  • Black Buttons with Red Buttonholes
  • Removable collar stays