Steven Landman immigrated to America from Israel in 1986 and began selling ties for his brother at New York City flea markets. The marketplace served as a melting pot for immigrants, encompassing a diverse array of individuals with their own distinct cultures, backgrounds, and styles. Interacting with them daily, Landman developed a keen understanding of public preferences, transcending gender, race, and color.


When Landman's brother established a New York haberdashery named "Tie One," Landman took on the role of a buyer. However, he consistently found himself dissatisfied with the merchandise and believed he could offer something better. A year later, he embarked on his venture and opened "The Tie Gallery" in downtown Manhattan. This marked Landman's entry into the realm of design.


Initially, Landman's success stemmed from transforming women's fabrics, particularly floral and jacquards, into ties. He started small but soon began showcasing his creations at trade shows. Seeking assistance from a friend, he secured a tiny space at a display booth. In an astonishing turn of events, Landman sold out of his ties, approximately 18,000 units, on the first day. In 1990, Landman founded his first design house, "Aniva." The following year, a perceptive associate advised him to utilize his name for his designs.


Anglicizing his moniker, Steven Land established the eponymous brand, which swiftly rose to prominence. Today, Steven Land is renowned as one of the most distinguished haberdasheries worldwide. The brand is synonymous with cutting-edge fashion and a relentless pursuit of innovative ideas. Landman's pioneering achievements include the invention of "The Big Knot" tie and the exclusive authorization from "Swarovski" to incorporate their world-renowned crystals solely in Steven Land products. Steven Land sets the benchmark that other tie companies aspire to emulate.


While most tie houses rely on external mills, Steven Land distinguishes itself through its in-house design process. A team of talented designers and artists collaborates to create distinctive color schemes, patterns, and fabrics exclusively for Steven Land. When you don a Steven Land tie, its unmistakable quality and craftsmanship instantly make a statement.


In summary, Steven Landman's journey from humble beginnings to being an industry leader has shaped the exceptional reputation of Steven Land. The brand continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts with its unique designs and unwavering commitment to excellence.