About Us

Steven Landman came to America in 1986 from Israel and began selling ties for his brother at New York City flea markets. The marketplace was a haven for immigrants. It was a cornucopia of interesting individuals who brought with them their own unique cultures, backgrounds and styles. Landman interacted with them on a daily basis and developed an affinity for what the public liked regardless of gender, race or color. When Landman’s brother opened a New York haberdashery called “Tie One,” Landman became a buyer.

However, every time he received a shipment, he was dissatisfied with the merchandise and knew he could do better. A year later he opened his own tie store called “The Tie Gallery” in downtown Manhattan. The Tie Gallery would be the foray leading to Landman becoming a designer. In the beginning, Landman’s success came from taking women’s fabrics, mainly floral and jacquards, and making them into ties. He started on a small scale until he began selling at trade shows. Landman asked one of his friends if he could share a tiny space at a display booth, and in the first day, he sold out of his ties, roughly 18,000 units. Landman founded his first design house “Aniva” in 1990. In 1991 Landman was advised by an insightful associate to use his own name for his designs.

Landman anglicized his moniker and the Steven Land brand was born. Since then, Steven Land has become one of the most recognizable haberdasheries in the world. Steven Land is known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and bringing to the industry the freshest ideas. Land is the originator of “The Big Knot” tie and the only tie house to be authorized by “Swarovski” to use its world-renowned crystals exclusively for Steven Land. Steven Land is the aficionado other tie companies try to copy. Most tie houses buy from mills; Steven Land designs are all done in-house, using talented designers and artists. These associates select colors and design shells and fabrics unique to Steven Land. When you wear a Steven Land tie, everyone knows it’s a Steven Land