Steven Land | Tartan Ⅰ | DS261 | Charcoal

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Neck Size: 15.5
Sleeve: 32/33
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Steven Land | TartanⅠ| DS261

The Tartan is a finely woven 100% cotton Dress shirt, with a Tartan style plaid trim, contrasting color buttons & buttonholes. fine detailing, and convertible cuff features allows us to define the Tartan dress shirt as Timeless yet sophisticated style that will elevate your look for any occasion.

  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional collar
  • Trim Fit
  • Convertible Cuff ( Dual Button or Cufflink Option)
  • Available in Khaki and Dark Navy Charcoal
  • Trim Detailing
  • Inner: collar, Cuff ,Front placket
  • Outer : Sleeve Placket
  • Black Buttons with Red Buttonholes
  • Removable collar stays